About Us


Central Bakery was founded in the 1960s to produce traditional Italian breads with the recipes the founder brought from Altamura "La citta del pane (the town of bread)" in Italy. The company had a reputation to produce the best Italian bread in Bergen County, NJ.


In 2005, Cristina Capusso and Carlos Garcia, a wife and husband team with Italian and Spanish heritage, bought the company with the vision of converting it into the premier bread company in the New York/New Jersey area.


Central Bakery has gone from 5 recipes to more than 90 since then, and we keep developing products every day.  We have grown, but we keep the same artisan values and knowledge, and form and cut most of our bread still by hand.


We are big enough so we can offer consistency and reasonable prices.  We are small enough so we can make specialized products to answer our customers' needs


We distribute our products through supermarkets, European delis and restaurants.  In summer, you will find us in many Farmers' Markets all around New Jersey and New York, including New York City.


We are proud to make bread the way it was intended to be made: we keep our own mother doughs which we feed every day, we do not use any chemicals or artificial ingredients, we treat bread with respect and patience, and let it develop its crumb structure and taste.  We know bread does not like to be rushed!